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Summer Quintet (2021)

1h 10min - English

Summer Quintet is a collection of short plays, some old and some new. 

The Game 

by Louise Bryant

A four-character allegory play involving the characters of Death and Life tossing dice for the lives of “Youth,” a male poet, and “Girl,” a dancer. Featuring Kathy Files DiBiasi, Roy Harry, Olympia Prodafikas, and Jacob Ruiz & directed by Dakota Martin.

The Ketchup Bottle 

courtesy of Theater Words

A play dealing with the tensions that build out of small and unassuming actions. Featuring Diana DiMarco and Jean Garner & directed by Rob McEvily. 

St. Valentines Day 

by Annie Eliot

A love triangle between an aunt, her niece and a suitor and the impending mystery of his Valentine being sent to the home for one of them. Featuring Michelle Moriarty and Charlotte Roth & directed by Jeff Rocco. 

The Incompatibles 

by Horace Holley

Dealing with the anxieties of running into an ex-husband when both parties have “moved on”. Featuring Kevin Arthur, Katie Luekens Chan Chee, and Tom Weppler & directed by Dakota Martin.

Elephants Die Standing Up 

by Dwayne Yancey

A comedy about two circus workers who struggle with the issue of what to do when an elephant dies. Featuring Ed Friedman and Danny Rivera Jr. & directed by Jeff Rocco.

Summer Quintets 2021
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